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5 new shows to watch Autumn 2015

Autumn - the season of TV show premieres. (That's right, the Pumpkin Spice Latte's can wait) September is the January in TV business. It's the peek of the iceberg, the time for channels and networks to experiment. It's also the time that is very crucial - in some ways, a TV show's future partly depends on the views it gets at this time. With this post I will be counting down my pick of 5 TV shows that will premiere this Autumn. Let the countdown begin!

1) Quantico (ABC Family)
"Quantico" follows the lives of a group of 50 people, all of them different and all of them have different backgrounds. They have one thing in common: they are recruits training at the FBI Quantico Base. The individuals have various reasons for joining, however, most of their decisions are linked to their pasts. All of them in a fierce competitive competition, the recruits uncover secrets and lies about each other. That was nine months ago. Flashing forward to when they are training g…

Fixation Friday: Sense8 (Season 1 Summary)

Are you sensate (aware)? Because that is what the Sci-fi drama "Sense8" is all about - showing you the bigger picture.  Get ready to be sucked into a complex world that deals with politics, sexualtiy, religion, different cultures, science, identity and humanity.
In honour of the announcement on Aug. 8th 2015 that the critically acclaimed series "Sense8" has been renewed for a second season, I decided to break down season 1 for you. After doing so, I will interpret and review the series.
Quick explanation "Fixation Friday": This is a new idea of mine, where I will discuss shows that got me hooked. There are thousands of hidden gems around and I would love to discover more.  Share your list of TVshows that you are obsessed with in the comments! (or on Twitter by tagging me)  

Short summery & definitions Sense8 tells the story of 8 strangers around the globe, who suddenly have a special connection with each other and are being hunted by an organisation of extr…

"Scream Queens": Get ready to shit your pants.

That's right - Get ready indeed to shit your pants with fear and laughter, because we just got to see the opening credits. The pilot episode of FOX's horror comedy is to be aired September 22nd. Let the countdown begin!

"You belong to me" are the words we get to hear over and over again followed by screams in the newly released opening credits. Creepy, right? 
"Scream Queens" is definitely one of the most anticipated shows for Fall 2015 television and not only because of the well known actors. It brings an interesting mix of gore and dark humor to the table, making it exactly my cup of tea. Good job Ryan Murphy!

Also, Ariana Grande (aka Chanel #2) and Nick Jonas (Boone) are nowhere to be seen in the opening credits! Are their characters going to die?

You haven't heard of Scream Queens yet?
20 years after a mysterious death in a sorority, another murder takes place, plunging the college into a pool of fear. Especially the head sorority lead by mean girl Chanel…