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Film list: Movies coming out in 2015/16 (that I wish were out already)

Hello and welcome to my newest wizard post! Today I'm going to be sharing some films that I just can't wait for. THEY NEED TO COME! But unfortunately they haven't been released yet... so I just watch the trailers - over and over. So without further a do, let's jump into the list of movies I wish would be in theatres already. 

Trailers will be included for all of you lazy people out there like me, so that you don't have to head over to YouTube (and let's face it: once you watch one trailer, you usually start binge watching random trailers - or is that just me?!)

1.) Suicide Squad

This is definitely the movie I'm most excited about. I've always been a fan of DC in general, but the trailer just did it for me. Justice isn't always black and white and DC shows that in the trailer. There is a very thin line between justice and crime. The Suicide Squad basically does the governments dirt work, killing terrorists and other bad guys. Things, that they don't…

iZOMBIE - the "brainhunt" starts tomorrow!

With the new season come fresh brains. This time around the stakes have changed...
In this post I will focus on spoilers for the upcoming season (and I'll try to contain my utter excitement - Season 2 is nearly here!). *Trailer included*

Rumour mill & spoilers

New character alert!Former basketball star Rick Fox takes on the role of a retired basketball star named Calvin Owens. Liv and Clive first meet him at the wake of his deceased college friend's wake. His buddy, Harry Cole, a degenerate gambler, was murdered right in front of Clive on the King Country Courthouse steps. Calvin is one of the last people to see Harry alive. 

Blaine's new businessIn the first episode, the antihero's and recently cured zombie's new business venture will be revealed. With all the evil, unremorseful and unapologetically hilarious behaviour, we will certainly get to see a new side to the power-hungry newly turned (back) human. Apparently, Liv also pays Blaine a surprise visit. (Revenge…