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Guest Posts

Interested in sharing your own opinion and thoughts for others to read? As a blogger myself, I know how tough it can be to get your blog out there. Guest posting is a great way to gain writing experience, be present on more than one site and bring more readers to your own blog. 

My two year long blogging adventure has opened up some exciting doors for me. I have had opportunities to work with writers and bloggers who are all scattered across the globe. Through these additional experiences I have gotten to know some pretty awesome people along the way. 

This is why I am very open in regard to bringing different perspectives and voices into this blog and my personal blog


  • You are free to choose any topic you like, as long as it matches the genre of this blog. (reviews/discussions about movies and TV series, news related to the film industry - exception: no celebrity gossip of any kind)
  • If you have your own blog / social media, you can insert the links max. 3 times in your guest post. 
  • You have to write a minimum of 250 words. 

I myself am always looking to expand my horizon in the blogging world, so if you own a blog/site and are interested in doing a guest post exchange, contact me at