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Book Review: "Think Of A Number" - John Verdon

Think of a number between 1 and 1000. Do you have your number? Good. I guarantee that by the end of reading this book it will be a 10. 

Short summary

Retired NYPD detective Dave Gurney is contacted by an old acquaintance by the name of Mark Mellery, who has been receiving letters in which a mystery person, signed "X. Arybdis", writes a series of poems, first creating panic and fear as he predicts the exact number Mellery is thinking about. 

"What he took he will give, when he gets what he gave"
Gurney then proceeds to try and uncover not only the mystery behind the letters, but also the identity of the perpetrator. When Mellery is murderd and the crime scene evidence left behind is found to be strategically placed there, making no sense at all, it quickly becomes clear that the culprit is smart, cunning and hungry for more blood. 
Diving into the world of mystery, murder and the past, Gurney finds himself in a game in which only one can prevail. 

Dave Gurney: