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Riverdale Season 1 Finale

With the Jason's killer already revealed last episode, it is hard to imagine what well see next. The Season 1 Finale seems to have quite the twists and turns in store for us though, as teased by the cast and producers. One thing is pretty obvious: something is going to happen that will set the tone for Season 2. 

Side note: I recently started a pinterest board on Riverdale, so give it a visit for all of the juicy Behind The Scenes images, Bughead moments and Varchie cuteness!

Here is all of the information about the season finale you need to know and some questions for you to think about:
We will see Archie and Veronica growing closer. (Editor's note: ABOUT TIME!)The Coopers resume family life as though nothing ever happened, causing a confrontation between Betty and her mother (Alice Cooper).Since Clifford Blossom took his own life and is unable to clear the air, a new mystery has come our way: How exactly did the Blossom family come to earn their fortune? The Barrel containing …