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Stitchers on ABC Family - Top or Flop?

The new ABC Family drama, "Stitchers", tells the story of a young college student named Kirstin Clark, who gets recruited by a secret government agency due to her special "condition". 
She has a medical condition called "temporal dysplasia" which describes the inability to feel the passage of time. Therefore she can only know how much time has passed through maths, stopwatches and observation. (For people who are curious about this condition, it was made up for the show, so NO, there is no such thing in "real life")

So, what does this secret agency do exactly? They hack into recently deceased murder victims brains to find out what happened to them. They - or rather Kirstin - can access those peoples memories and feelings by "stitching". The agency is a group of highly intelligent people in different ares, one being neuroscientist Cameron Goodkin. Other important organisation members include Maggie Baptiste, the leader of the agency, Linu…