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iZOMBIE - will the CW have the brains to pull this off?

Hello fellow movie, book and TV-show lovers! This "wizard post" (yes, I've decided to give my posts a name) will be about the new tv-show on the up and up - iZombie. With only the first few episodes already out there, the CW has done a great job with this show. It has been a rising success, fans were already excited to see the show before it came out. The series is based on the comics with the same name and has already been renewed for a second season on May 6th. The shows two main executive producers, Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright, also known for the show "Veronica Mars" have so far done a good job - but can they keep it that way?
First of all, lets talk about the acting. The main protagonist, Liv, is played by Rose Mclver. Her performance is captivating, making it a good show for teenagers, but also a great piece of entertainment for adults. Scary zombies (example: "The Walking Dead") are not really portrayed in iZombie. Mclver makes Liv more …