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Stitchers Season 1 Finale - Did Cameron DIE?

Last night's "Stitchers" finale brought a roller coaster of emotions with it. Coming closer to solving the unknown mystery about the stitchers programme and her mother's and father's involvement within that programme, Kirsten also gets to see blasts from the (or should I say her) past. And finally,  one of the most important questions all "Stitchers" fans are asking themselves - is Cameron dead or alive?

As Cameron (Kyle Harris) and Detective Fisher (Damon Dayoub) get shot, leaving Fisher in ICU due to internal bleeding, Cameron makes the ultimate sacrifice to help ID'ing the shooters accomplice - he stops his own heart. 

Kirsten FINALLY knows about Camerons feelings

Cameron planned on stopping his heart for 4 minutes, giving Kirsten (Emma Ishta) a 3 minute window to stitch into her partner in crime. During the stitch she got to see Cameron's most precious memories, which (to her surprise) all involved her. "I had no idea" she says as she…

Film review: "Jenny's Wedding" (2015)

"She's always been so secretive." "Not when she was little. She was really open when she was little." "Yeah, she was. I wonder what happened." "Who knows?"
What happened is that I watched a really good movie. And the thing is, I've never seen one quite like it. Nowadays the entertainment industry produces hundreds, if not thousands of movies or TV shows that are just made to address the mainstream crowd. They are purely there, to make money, not to tell a story. So finding a unique movie, one, that addresses things that people can relate to, that has an actual story behind it and has meaning is very difficult. And from time to time, I stumble upon a movie with an interesting description, thinking it might actually be good. And surprisingly, I found Jenny's Wedding to be good. 

The Story
Jenny, who has always been the favourite child in her family, finally decides she wants to get married. Her family has been pressuring her for a long time …