Fixation Friday: Sex And The City (Reunion Edition)

In the last month, I have been binging Sex and The City (the series) non-stop. I can't really explain what drove me to start watching this gem the first place, but I do know that I have come to love it. I have accompanied Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha through countless sexcapades, heartbreak, friendship moments, weddings, engagements, marriages, problems and even death. And what I've learned from all of that is that friends are the best support system one can wish for. It doesn't matter where they are or what they're doing; you know - you just know - that they will always be there. In light of the well discussed topic right now, a Sex And The City Revival, I decided to write a blog post throwing it waaaaaaaay back. 

The timeless series follows the lives of four women in their mid-thirties in New York City. Obviously they feel the pressure to settle down, get married and have kids. But only one of the group only sees that in their near future: Charlotte. She dreams of the perfect wedding, the perfect husband, the perfect kids and the perfect family christmas cards. While searching for the perfect life, she also manages to be adorably drunk. 

Samantha is the wild one out of the bunch - she likes men (and a lot of them). While she may have a "I don't give a f*ck" vibe going on, she too has feelings (I know, SHOCKER). With her commitment issues and her openness to various sexual experiments, she is a hilarious addition to the squad. 

Miranda is a lawyer who struggles to be taken seriously as a woman in her work place. Outside of work, she deals with men who are threatened by her "powerful" job. She's a real power lady. She is definitely the strong one out of the group, but even the strongest walls can crumble sometimes. She has difficulties opening up to men and letting them in and is the most pessimistic character I have seen on TV. 

And then there's Carrie. Carrie is a columnist who writes about certain topics and events that occur in their lives. She isn't in a hurry to settle down, but there is a man who always pops up in her life: Mr. Big. She offers an outlook on their lives and is the shows main character. The cute, funny and charming Carrie has become a somewhat iconic figure. They all have. 

Carrie is a smoker. She always says she'll quit smoking eventually, but it becomes a part of her that I would be sad to see go. Addiction is something that the story always grazes lightly. While in Carries case it's shoes and cigarettes, one could argue that Samantha has an addiction of her own: Sex.

The comedy in the show is hilarious. While touching subjects that a lot of people deal with, the show makers did a marvellous job of giving even the most serious issues a comedic undertone. The characters developments are the thing that make you stick around. While they are a friend group of four, you never get the impression that they only fit into that pack. They are individuals and their story lines develop differently each season. 

The inciting thing about the series is that the identification factor is huge. Faced with the question at the very start, I was asking myself: Who am I? Am I a Carrie, a Samantha, a Charlotte or a Miranda? 

My generation, as I have found, generally isn't too familiar with the show. The ones who have watched Carrie and her friends usually got to experience those squad goals through the movies. As I have seen both movies and the show, I would recommend the series 100% more. While a movie may not take up too much of your time, the show has more depth to it. Each episode deals with a new, relatable topic with Carrie writing about it in her column. As I enjoy writing, I always found it easier to identify with Carrie. She's not all out there like Samantha, not as uptight as Miranda can sometimes be and not as innocent as Charlotte generally is. She has an interesting perspective on life and isn't afraid to talk/write about it. But together they form a picture of an everyday woman. And I'm telling you, we don't talk about life, men and love very differently here in the real world. 

My final verdict is: Try watching the show. This is a timeless classic, an ICON of a series. And although they may still have flip phones, I promise that there is something in there that all of us can relate to. 

Who said women only eat salad?

This posts Question:
Who are you? A Carrie, Samantha, Miranda or Charlotte?
As always, let me know!



Short Film: GOLDFISH by Christina Xing

"Not your typical, quirky, self absorbed story." - Christina Xing

WINNER - BEST DRAMA - All American High School Film Festival

Written & Directed by Christina Xing

Cast: Ella May Hunsander & Oliver Klein

Hello people of the Internet!

Today's post is something a little different, but very important to me. As many of you know, I am a teenager who loves everything film-related (if you can't tell by this blog DUH). I create my own videos and short films with friends because that's just a thing I truly love to do. That's why I wanted to share this with all fellow film lovers out there!

I first found out about the All American High School Film Festival through Refinery29 on Snapchat, as they are one of the sponsors and were featuring a new short film every day or so. The AAHSFF is a great opportunity for young ambitious american teens looking to put their foot in the door of the film industry. 

I stumbled upon the nominated short film Goldfish by Christina Xing and it instantly caught my attention. Now that it's on Youtube and actually won Best Drama, I really wanted to write a blog post about Goldfish because I think it deserves SO MUCH ATTENTION. The subject matter that Goldfish deals with is something we all can relate to - it's about fitting in, loneliness and just simply being human. Human interaction and friendship is something we all crave and Christina Xing managed to portray that in such a unique way. 

Goldfish follows the story of Amelie and Ben. They are forced to spend time together due to a school project, they form an unusual friendship while caring for a goldfish together. As the story unfolds, we learn that although Ben is an extrovert, he deals with feeling lonely as much as an introvert like Amelie does. They bond over that and Amelie shares something that still haunts her: her fear of the underwater world, specifically of marine creatures.

To me, the enticing aspect about this short film is the connection that Amelie and Ben form. It's not fake, not forced. It shows the raw, human emotions we all have inside. 

If you liked her short film, make sure to rate it on IMDB and send Christina some love on her Instagram! 

To watch the other winners' short films, click here! 

My question for all of you out there: Do you watch or maybe even create short films? 

Have a nice day!



Book Review: We Were Liars - e. lockhart

"Welcome to the beautiful Sinclair family. 
No one is a criminal.
No one is an addict.
No one is a failure."

Welcome to my book review.
This book has broken me.
This book has wrecked me. 
This book has destroyed me.

"Be normal, now, she said. Right now, she said. 
Because you are. Because you can be. 
Don't cause a scene, she told me. Breathe and sit up.
I did what she asked. 
She was all I had left."

Ah, this book. This book. 
I can't get over it.
The love.
The twist. 
The ending. 
The tragedy. The tragedy. 


"We are liars
We are beautiful and privileged
We are cracked and broken
A tale of love and romance
A tale of tragedy

Which are lies?
Which is truth?
You decide"

Is this "a tale of love and romance"? Most definitely. 
But this book is so much more than thoughtless words, young love and secrets. 
This book is about a king, who had three beautiful daughters. 
Those daughters grew up and married. They had children. 
The king built three beautiful houses, one for each of his daughters.
Every summer, the three daughters would visit with their children.
All seemed well.
Until it wasn't. 

Cadence is the kings granddaughter. 
Her full name is Cadence Sinclair Eastman.
She is the first grandchild. The first.
She, like her Mummy, likes pretty things. 
She, like her Mummy, doesn't know the staffs' names. 
She, like her Mummy is a Sinclair. 
Until she isn't.

Is this "a tale of tragedy"? Most definitely. 
Cadence had an accident. 
She doesn't remember anything of that summer. Summer fifteen.
Let her rest, the doctors say. 
Don't tell her what happened, the doctors say. 
Let her remember when she's ready, the doctors say. 
Cadence sets out to find the truth. 
She gives away all of her things.
Charity, she calls it.
She doesn't need so many things, she says.
Others can use them much more than she can, she thinks. 
She doesn't stop to think why she is doing this. 
Until she does. 

She uncovers many lies. 
She uncovers many truth.
She starts to remember.
She knows.
She grieves. 
She finds forgiveness.
She finds peace.
But she never forgets. 

Should you read this book? Most definitely. 


WizardUpdate #3: Guest post offer!

I created a personal blog. It's not anything fancy, just something where I like to express my thoughts. It's also a great way to get to know more about this mysterious RecapWizard ;) I decided I would share it with you on here, as I already have posted links on Google+ and Twitter. Click here to visit Questions From A Teenager! So far I have written 4 posts (of which i am proud of), but I definitely plan on this being a long-term project. Which leads me to my next point and the point of this update:

  • Guest posts. When I first started this blog, I didn't really have a lot of experience when it came to writing. You can see that in my very first posts (embarrassingly bad writing style) and I do believe that I have made considerable progress. In my opinion, I still don't really have that much experience. That's why I started looking for opportunities to guest post. I am the co-writer of a fan page for the NBC show Grimm and have since then written 2 guest posts.  I can recommend guest posting 100% as it is such good practice. 
Grimm fan page: Grimm Fan (click here)

That's why I decided I wanted to do the same for other bloggers out there who want to try something different. Or maybe you're thinking about creating a blog, but you're not quite sure yet - guest posting is a great way to find out and a good practice run. 

That's why I would love it if some of you would contact me (if you're interested) and pitch something to me you would like to write about. If you're passionate about books, movies or TV-shows I would post your guest post on here. If you're more into lifestyle/fashion/food/etc. blogging, then I would post it on my personal blog. 

On Questions From A Teenager I created a small info section with all the information you could possibly need if you're interested in writing a guest post for one of my blogs (pictured on the two screenshots above). Guest Post Additional information (click here)

I am excited to maybe work with some of you and create new and exciting stories and posts! I am also open to a guest post exchange (should you have a blog) where you would write something for my blog and I would do the same for yours. 

Guest posting is not only a great opportunity in terms of experience, but also a great way to promote your blog. If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask! I like helping all of you fellow bloggers out! 

As always, I would love to get some feedback/tips from you concerning my blog/specific posts, as this is the best way to improve my blog and the content I post. 

That's it for this update. Happy reading and happy blogging!

- Fiona


WizardUpdate #2: I created a personal blog!

As you can already read from the title, this is a small update concerning what I've been up to recently - I created a blog! It's called Questions from a teenager and I am proud to say that I am really proud of this little space I created for myself. On this blog (RecapWizard), I don't share my thoughts on topics other that movies/books/TV-shows. I felt like I needed a place where I could just write about whatever popped into my head. That's why I created my new personal blog and I couldn't be happier about the result. 

As some of you may notice, this blog is not with blogspot, but with wordpress. I decided to try something new and I really enjoy the layout options more on wordpress. On the screenshot above you also see a small sneak peek of some of the posts I have written ;) I love the design of my blog right now - it's simple, not too much.

I am actually debating if I should create a new RecapWizard on wordpress as I am not very convinced of the layout options Blogspot offers. If I decide to do so, I will let you know!

Here is a screenshot about my blog description on Questions From A Teenager:

Side note: Shoutout to all sufferers of the "incurable Netflix obsession" disease!

Questions from a teenager is also a great way to get to know me better (should you want to) or to stalk me (please don't). Here's a snippet of info you never knew about me....

Side note: Okay you probably knew that I love Netflix. 

Overall this update is not only my way of letting you guys know, but also asking for a lot of feedback on Questions from a teenager, as the blog is fairly new and I've never had a personal blog before. If you have one, please take the time to share some blogging tips with me or to send me some feedback and suggestions concerning my new blog. I need all the tips and tricks I can get!

Also, if you have a personal blog, feel free to share it by posting the link in the comments! I would love to read something of yours and discover new, fresh blogs. 

Happy blogging!

- Fiona


WizardUpdate #1: Book reviews on Goodreads

Hello friends! Yes, I know it's been a long time since I've posted anything, partly because of school-related stress, partly because of lack of motivation. But I'm back and have more time than ever on my hands as I'm currently enjoying 2 months of break. This post is something a little different, just a quick post about something I absolutely love - books. 

As you might have noticed, the primary focus of this blog lies on movies and TV-shows. I have only ever written one book review on here and there is a very specific reason for that - I stumbled upon the fascinating world of Goodreads. For those of you who don't know what Goodreads is, here's a short description of what to expect: 

Goodreads is the world's largest site for readers and book recommendations. It has over 50 million users and is more than just a website. It's a community of authors and readers from all over the world and let's you truly explore the exciting world of books.

Not only have I discovered so many new books that I absolutely love, but I have also connected with so many users from across the globe. As I love to write about my opinion, my impressions, etc. I enjoy reviewing my recent reads immensely.

Side note: this is not sponsored by Goodreads, I simply love the site and decided to tell you about it.

I update my Goodreads almost every day, so if you're interested in books, reviews, reading updates etc. then you should definitely sign up (it's free) and come and friend me! I would love to know what you're currently reading - maybe you even have a few books you could recommend?

Goodreads also has a great challenge you can take part in - The annual reading challenge. Every year, you can set a certain amount of books as your goal. For 2016, mine was 30 books and I'm proud to say that I have already completed my challenge! The challenge is a great motivator and definitely is affective when it comes to getting out of a reading slump.

If you are already on Goodreads, feel free to tell me about your reading challenge! What is your goal? Have you already reached it? What is your favourite book series? I am desperate to get some new book recommendations! 

So there you have it - the reason I haven't posted book reviews since the one I wrote about Think Of A Number by John Verdon. I recently got an Email from a reader from Russia asking me why I stopped reviewing books - I haven't stopped reviewing them, I just review them on a different platform! 

Ps. Thank you for sending me an email, you are the inspiration behind this post! I always love to hear from you guys, because it's hard to imagine that anyone is reading this. I mean you people are literally scattered across the globe, but it's still possible to connect with you! And when I get feedback or messages from you guys, it's just amazing. 

As always, feel free to leave some feedback or some tips concerning this blog or specific posts as this is the best way for me to improve the content I post and generally this blog. 

Happy reading!


The 100 Season 3 Finale: Recap and Review

The 100 Season 3 finale came, we saw, it transfixed everyone. It definitely was a bumpy ride, along with a lot of hurt, pain, reunions and death. In the course of the episode, the obstacle of season 4 was also uncovered, which is bigger than what they could have imagined - a global threat to humanity: If A.L.I.E.'s calculations were right, Clarke and everyone else on earth only have 6 months before 96% of the planet will be uninhabitable. BOOM. Mind blown?

!Warning!: this post could get emotional. Hey, don't judge! A person as invested in the show and its characters as me can only develop heartache. There's no other way possible. If you cried during the finale, you know what I'm talking about!

Though not as dramatic as the Season 2 finale, this finale was action-packed and got my nerves screaming with fear. I was a wreck. But we'll get to that later, don't worry!
The most obvious contrast to the previous season finale was Clarke pulling the lever. The memories that brought back! It wasn't that long ago when Clarke ran from her guilt, only to once again be confronted with a similar choice. A decision vital in securing her (and humanity's) safety. One person can change the world. Clarke definitely proved that this season. 

Humanity was also a pretty important topic this season - not only were questions like "What does it mean to be human?" posed, but we also got a deeper look into one thing that marks us as humans: our emotions. Every character this season went through some sort of loss and we got to see them deal with their pain. That and saving the world. The pressure! The interesting thing is that everyone coped with the pain differently. Some, like Jasper, grabbed a bottle, others, like Octavia (and partly Indra) with revenge. Bellamy chose a different path, pushing his feelings into the background, Clarke ran away from hers altogether, Raven forgot her pain only to get it back again and Monty... Monty just coped. The different stages of grief and how people deal with it were portrayed in a diverse and very real way. 

The contradiction
This season, A.L.I.E. strayed from your typical villain. While we saw the horrifying lengths A.L.I.E. went to fill the city of light, she genuinely believed she was saving humanity. She was programmed to make life better for mankind, at any cost. She wasn't human, so she didn't understand that the path one takes to achieve a goal can be more important than the actual goal. And maybe next season we will see people long for the city of light. Not only to forget, but also to survive. Furthermore, A.L.I.E.'s destruction illustrated that calculations and observations aren't enough - When standing in front of a forked path, we, as humans, need to apply logic, as well as our emotions to choose the right way. And can I just point out how much I liked the good-bad / angel-devil angle when Clarke was in a room with A.L.I.E. and Becka? Old, but gold. 

During and after Clarke saved her people by ascending and taking the chip to find the kill switch, there were some pretty great (and heartbreaking) reunions. 

  • Clexa - I think everyone who didn't see the BTS photos weren't expecting this. I purposefully tried to keep away from social media this week, just to avoid reading a spoiler. Because once you start, you can't stop. I CRIED WHEN I SAW LEXA and I'm not one to get emotional easily. But this was like a blow in the guts because we had our reunion, it was all sunshine and rainbows until I realised that Lexa was dead. She wasn't going to come back with Clarke. So it was a reunion / good bye and a devastating one for all Clexa fans out there. But how badass was Lexa? I miss her so much. Click here to read my couple's counceling session with Clexa!
  • Kabby - Kane and Abby haven't had it easy this season. I think we can all agree that it wasn't surprising when they shared that kiss earlier on in the season. Still, it was hard when everything really started going down and the question of a relationship between them remained open. But when Abby was at Kane's side, him crying... I lost it. AGAIN. I am excited to see what will happen with the two in Season 4. And if they become an 'item', how will Clarke take it?

  • Clarke and Abby - this mother-daughter reunion was beautiful. It was so emotional and it for me all teared up. And this was the first scene! What is it with The 100 this season? The pain hits you in all the right places! Anyway, here's a look at the scene: Click here to watch!
  • Jonty - their friendship has been a rocky one this season, which is totally understandable. Both had to deal with such tremendous loss, one of a lover, the other of a mother. As Jasper returns from the city of light however, we were reminded of their strong bond we especially got to know and love in season 1. Click here to watch the "Monty shoots Jasper" scene!
  • Murphy and Emori - I feel like Murphy never gets enough credit for the things he does for other people. Putting your hand into a persons open chest and literally help their heart to beat is not an easy task. In my book, he has earned a medal. I like him and Emori because both of them have underwent some pretty brutal things in the past. They built up this wall around them,  shielding themselves from the outside, just trying to survive. But for each other, the put their masks down. If anyone knows their "ship name", please let me know!

Artificial Intelligence
Obviously this was a topic this season, along side the questions about humanity. Though I enjoyed this season a great deal, more and more every episode, the aspect of A.I. took time getting used to. This show is in the Sci-fi genre, but with them all being on the ground for so long, the adjustment to 'full-on-SciFi-mode' as I like to call it was a bit difficult. Partly because I believe the plot wasn't as developed as it could have been. There were a few holes here and there, some things I simply didn't like. Sci-fi is a difficult genre, especially when dealing with subjects such as A.I. Nevertheless, the storyline convinced me in the end and I can report that I am a satisfied fan. 

As always, someone usually ends up being dead in a finale, in The 100's case it's mostly more that one person. This finale: Pike. I can't say I'm mad about it in any way. In the two-part finale, we did get to see some kind of remorse for what pain he caused Octavia, but it was clear from the very start that he needed to go this season. It was his time to die. Octivia, choosing a path of revenge, shouldn't be underestimated, especially when she's so emotional right now. When she cut his leg right before the chipped folk stormed into the room I was thinking something along the lines of "GIIIIRL WHAT IN HEAVEN'S NAME WERE YOU THINKING?!" but you know, everything worked out in the end, so that's that. 

The finale also left one very important question open - one of (my) life and (my) death - Is Roan alive? Over the season, I have come to love Roan. I just admire his character and it does help that I find him ridiculously attractive in a "I have blood all over me and still manage to look hot" kind of way. Am I the only one shipping Cloan? Is that even a thing? I hope so. Anyway, if he's dead, I might die aswell so pleeeease be alive. 

"You're dead to me" - Octavia
Ah, the Blakes. There's always something up with them. This season was a very hard and heart-tugging one at that. In the finale, they came to some kind of silent agreement of sorts, but that long doesn't mean O has forgiven B. That will take time and healing. Something both of them won't have very much of in Season 4. But if one thing has taught us anything, it's that the Blakes always find a way to each other. 

Friendship - Clarke and Bellamy
I admit, when the show first aired, I was a major Bellarke shipper. The wave of endless fans pulled me with them. But now, as the series has progressed, I prefer them as friends. Everyone needs a constant in their life, someone who will be there no matter what. Even if both of them had a complicated ending in season 2 and a even more complicated start in season 3, it's safe to say that the depend on each other. I really enjoy watching their friendship blossom, it's just one of the aspects of the show that I have come to enjoy. While other series can overdo it with the endless love triangles and ships, constantly putting every character together, I like that The 100 also explores different relationships between characters like friendship. The bonds run so deep between our favourite characters, it's a delight to watch. In all of this chaos, I imagine one needs a friend. 

In conclusion, the finale (and the season) was enjoyable, but definitely not The 100's best. However, with the threat to humanity coming our way in Season 4, the storyline will definitely stay fast-paced and exciting. What did you think of the Season 3 finale of The 100? Let me know! May we meet again!

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OUTLANDER SEASON 2: Spoilers, news and trailer

I know all of us fans of the STARZ series Outlander are desperately counting down the days to the Season 2 premiere on Saturday, April 9th. To calm my thirst, I did some research about what we can expect in the second season of drama, romance, adventure and war. 

If you haven't seen the trailer, I recommend you watch it right now (below), so that you'll be in a "OMG" haze while reading the rest of this post. Trust me, the experience will be greater!

Season 2 filming started last summer and since then the first season of Outlander and the cast have been nominated for several awards, including "Best Television Drama Series" at the Golden Globes. 

The second installment will contain 13 episodes and is based on the second book "Dragonfly in Amber" in the book series. 

New cast member alert!

It was recently announced that Sophie Skelton would join the Outlander cast as Brianna, Jamie and Claire's daughter. 

Richard Rankin, also a new cast member, will play the role of Roger Wakefield

Spoilers & Pomotional Photos

  • Sam Heughan confirmed at the Television Critics Association winter press tour in Pasadena that Jamie is "still definitely affected by the trauma" caused by last seasons' events, where he gets raped by Black Jack Randall. Sam then went on to mention that "It's not the primary focus on the show" and that "Time is a great healer and ultimately (Jamie) puts his whole body and soul into this mission about changing history." He also previewed that "there is a great relegation that cures him, or brings him out of himself" and that "it certainly brings back the old Jamie". In Season 2, Claire and Jamie embark on the mission to find Bonnie Prince Charles and to stop the Jacobite rebellion from happening. This mission will also reveal a new side of Jamie, as Heughan confirmed by saying that "He is playing someone else. He's being quite deceptive... and he does it very well."

  • Claire's pregnancy will definitely face some bumps on the way and will affect Claire's ability to help stop the Jacobite uprising. 

  • Claire will reunite with her husband Frank in the 1940's. Caitriona Balfe shared that "there is that reverse thing where every time she looks at Frank, she can't help but see Black Jack." and that "There's many layers of why that relationship is difficult when she goes back. She's definitely not the same woman that left.". In the trailer, you clearly see Claire's struggle to look Frank in the eyes. 

  • Jamie and Claire will try to integrate themselves into the elite french society. 

  • Claire and Jamie will have to adjust to becoming parents in the new atmosphere. Caitriona Balfe said that the pregnancy will "change everything". As most of you will probably recall, Claire thought she was unable to become pregnant. She had already accepted that and this twist will bring up some memories from her past, specifically her childhood. Due to her parents dying when she was younger, she was raised by her uncle, who travelled the world as a archeologist. Sam Heughan has also mentioned in interviews that Jamie may think that he will be a loving father, but when faced with reality, he realises that "it's going to be a whole new ballgame."

  • The visuals will be very different from season 1, as we are brought into the world of french culture. Big dresses in bright colours, parties, the elite society and a lot of new and interesting characters Claire and Jamie will meet await us. 

  • Could there be some tension in Claire and Jamies marriage? Take a look at these promotional pictures: 

So, Outlander fans, that is all I could find out about the second season... for now. Stay tuned for more spoilers and news! 

Feel free to share your thoughts and excitement in the comment section below or on Twitter! Do you have any new spoilers you would like to share with other fans?

Outlander Season 2 returns Saturday, April 9th, on STARZ.