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As a former Vampire Diaries fan, I can tell you that I am really disappointed. The Vampire Diaries used to be filled with twists and excitement, but nowadays it's just purely become about the couples. I'm not saying I didn't ship Delena or Stelena, both pairs were/are unique. But now, the writers are giving most of the fans exactly what they want, which can make a show boring, as fans need to have something to talk about. 

Where did the writers go wrong? Honestly, it took a while to figure that one out. I mean obviously, as stated beforehand, the couples have become the centre of the show, leaving the storyline to tag along in the background. It's a shame because from season 1-3 the story was pretty good. I mean there was the classic unoriginal love triangle, but who doesn't like some old fashioned? Sure, you could argue that it was cliché and all that, but every show has a bit of mainstream in it. How else would they get people to watch? 
Still, something just didn…

The 100: Bellarke or Clexa?

In honour of the 100 Season 2 finale and all of the 100 fans, I've decided to share my opinion about two of the couples on the show - Bellarke and Clexa. Some of you are Bellarke shippers, some of you like Clexa, but I'm currently not quite sure which to choose. Do I have to pick a side?

1. Bellarke Ever since the show started, people have been shipping these two leaders. They have always found a way to make things work, have excellent teamwork and both of them have really grown to depend on each other. And then there are the books, written by Kass Morgan, on which the whole show is loosely based on, where all Bellarke scenes are just truly magical. Book fans started the hype and now the majority of the fandom is on their toes to see what will happen with these two. For myself, I can say that I am too. 
Never the less, Jason Rothenberg (the shows producer) doesn't really seem to bother that much about Bellarke. Of course it's understandable that he doesn't want the sh…

Recap: Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Finale

The Season 5 finale of Pretty Little Liars was meant to give us answers! We got a few, but as usual the answers only bring up more questions. Never the less, it feels like we’re getting closer to finding out who A is. 
Season 5, episode 25 (“Welcome to the doll house”) had its moments. Firstly, Mona is alive and well (for the most part). Secondly, the Big A reveal did happen, but Marlene King made sure it was twisted. We now know that A is to 99% a guy and probably related to the DiLaurentis Family. Jason’s twin perhaps? Marlene did say that one character would have a twin. But this raises even more questions. One name – CHARLES. Who is Charles? Could he be hiding out in the open under an alias? Maybe Andrew? For those of you who watched the finale, we know that Andrew is up to no good. The question is – could he be A? Personally I find that Andrew being A is too easy. The writers always set new suspects out there. Still, Andrew could be on the A-Team. And last, but not least, the Hast…