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Short Film: GOLDFISH by Christina Xing

"Not your typical, quirky, self absorbed story." - Christina Xing

WINNER - BEST DRAMA - All American High School Film Festival

Written & Directed by Christina Xing

Cast: Ella May Hunsander & Oliver Klein

Hello people of the Internet!

Today's post is something a little different, but very important to me. As many of you know, I am a teenager who loves everything film-related (if you can't tell by this blog DUH). I create my own videos and short films with friends because that's just a thing I truly love to do. That's why I wanted to share this with all fellow film lovers out there!

I first found out about the All American High School Film Festival through Refinery29 on Snapchat, as they are one of the sponsors and were featuring a new short film every day or so. The AAHSFF is a great opportunity for young ambitious american teens looking to put their foot in the door of the film industry. 

I stumbled upon the nominated short film Goldfish by Christina Xing an…