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iZOMBIE - will the CW have the brains to pull this off?

Hello fellow movie, book and TV-show lovers! This "wizard post" (yes, I've decided to give my posts a name) will be about the new tv-show on the up and up - iZombie. With only the first few episodes already out there, the CW has done a great job with this show. It has been a rising success, fans were already excited to see the show before it came out. The series is based on the comics with the same name and has already been renewed for a second season on May 6th. The shows two main executive producers, Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright, also known for the show "Veronica Mars" have so far done a good job - but can they keep it that way?

First of all, lets talk about the acting. The main protagonist, Liv, is played by Rose Mclver. Her performance is captivating, making it a good show for teenagers, but also a great piece of entertainment for adults. Scary zombies (example: "The Walking Dead") are not really portrayed in iZombie. Mclver makes Liv more alive and human (even though she isn't anymore). She has, like any other human, problems of her own, making her more relatable. 
Liv struggles adjusting to the new zombie world. The result of not being able to talk to anyone about it isolates her from the people she loves. As her boss, Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti (Rahul Kohl), a medical examiner, reveals that he knows what she is, Liv starts to beginn to live a little again (and yes, Liv's name was totally chosen because of the resemblance to "live" - proof that the shows writing is smart). 

Dr. Ravi is fascinated with Liv and is trying to find a cure to "zombie-ism". Rahul Kohls performance is also great, making the dynamics of Ravi's and Liv's friendship along with Rose Mclver's acting very enjoyable to watch. 
Other important characters include Liv's ex-fiance, Major (Robert Buckley), with whom she broke up with to spare him from her "condition", Clive (Malcolm Goodwin), a Seattle PD detective, who believes she is a psychic and Blaine (David Anders), a drug dealer and the zombie that infected Liv in the first place. 

So, let's talk about Livs hunger. She needs to eat human brains to remain balanced, or else she falls into "full on zombie-mode", a term Liv uses to describe zombies, which haven't eaten anything and go nuts, killing people for their brains and just in general become a "typical" scary zombie with no emotions what so ever. Liv still has a conscience, so she gets access to brains through her new job, examining dead bodies and eating the brains of murder victims, which no one will miss. But eating brains has side-effects: She gets flashes of memories of the deceased person and gets some of their personality traits and even their skills. With this power and insight into the victims death, she helps Clive out, making him believe she is psychic-ish.

Liv's life is a mess. She is learning how to be a zombie, helping to solve murders, grieving her relationship with Major and trying to move on. 

For now, iZombie has blown my mind (or should I say brain?) away. It's a good piece in entertainment and gives the whole crime fighting a supernatural twist. It shows a more human side of zombies and is a fun show to watch. Will the writers and producers be able to cmd up with new fresh ideas every week? Since the Pilot they've been handling that quite well - we'll see if they are going to be able to maintain that. This show is smart, funny, a crime solving wonder piece and brainy. iZOMBIE aires every Tuesday on the CW, at 9/8 c. 
iZombie: 8/10*

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