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Stitchers on ABC Family - Top or Flop?

The new ABC Family drama, "Stitchers", tells the story of a young college student named Kirstin Clark, who gets recruited by a secret government agency due to her special "condition". 
She has a medical condition called "temporal dysplasia" which describes the inability to feel the passage of time. Therefore she can only know how much time has passed through maths, stopwatches and observation. (For people who are curious about this condition, it was made up for the show, so NO, there is no such thing in "real life")

So, what does this secret agency do exactly? They hack into recently deceased murder victims brains to find out what happened to them. They - or rather Kirstin - can access those peoples memories and feelings by "stitching". The agency is a group of highly intelligent people in different ares, one being neuroscientist Cameron Goodkin. Other important organisation members include Maggie Baptiste, the leader of the agency, Linus, another team member and Camille, Kirstins roommate who is more involved than you might think at first. 

The Characters

Kirstin Clark
Because of this condition of hers, Kirstin appears cold, somewhat inhuman at times, but still has wit and snarky remarkes up her sleeve. Through stitching, she gets to feel emotions for the first time like love, grief, passion and many more. She is not portrayed as a psychopath or anything, she is just unable to feel like others do. This makes her an interesting main character and you get to see her grow - as an individual and as a team member. Kirstin also has a difficult past, as her mother died when she was at a young age and her father left her shortly after that, leaving her to live with a man by the name of Ed Clark. She can't recall any memories before the time where her father left her. Emma Ishta, the actress playing Kirstin does the job quite well of portraying her 

Where is the plot going to?
During the course of the few episodes, you learn that Kistins Dad and her "step dad" have something to do with the stitchers programme and that Maggie, Kirstins boss, knows more than she is letting on. Kirstin could be the one to unlock the mystery of the Stitchers programme.

Although Stitchers doesn't have the most original storyline, it has the potential of becoming a good show. It is a little mainstream, yet the characters, especially Kirstin (Emma Ishta), are very interesting - they all have there different background stories, which are being promised to be explored. Emma Ishta, the actress playing Kirstin, does the job quite well of portraying her, but I wish that they would have gone about the whole character differently. Though she is intrieguing and generally likeable, even though she has no feelings, I wish that the whole "temporal dysplasia" would have been something where she at least shows a shred of understanding in her. As for the others in the geek squad, all actors do fine jobs playing their role. What I like about them is that they are all so smart. They talk smart. And they act like it is the most normal thing in the world - which makes it very enjoyable to watch.

The show has definitely caught my attention. It is a good piece of entertainment, I would mostly recommend it to teenagers or young adults, as the "geek - factor" is pretty high and the humour is mostly directed at a younger audience. I'am excited about what's to come and will definitely stay tuned for now to see the outcome. Also, Stitchers has been renewed for a second season, which means we get to explore the stitch world further!
New episodes of Stitchers come out every Tuesday on ABC Family. 

Stitchers trailer: