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Stitchers Season 1 Finale - Did Cameron DIE?

Last night's "Stitchers" finale brought a roller coaster of emotions with it. Coming closer to solving the unknown mystery about the stitchers programme and her mother's and father's involvement within that programme, Kirsten also gets to see blasts from the (or should I say her) past. And finally,  one of the most important questions all "Stitchers" fans are asking themselves - is Cameron dead or alive?

As Cameron (Kyle Harris) and Detective Fisher (Damon Dayoub) get shot, leaving Fisher in ICU due to internal bleeding, Cameron makes the ultimate sacrifice to help ID'ing the shooters accomplice - he stops his own heart. 

Kirsten FINALLY knows about Camerons feelings

Cameron planned on stopping his heart for 4 minutes, giving Kirsten (Emma Ishta) a 3 minute window to stitch into her partner in crime. During the stitch she got to see Cameron's most precious memories, which (to her surprise) all involved her. "I had no idea" she says as she sees the flashes of them in the past. The Camsten feels!

Kisten's and Cameron's past connection

Sticking to their past, Kirsten also finds herself in another memory of Cameron's; A memory from a long time ago. In a hospital a young Cameron, who just got out of heart surgery, wonders through the hospitals hallways, finding himself in Kirsten's mothers hospital room. Kid Kirsten then goes on to tell "Dr. Cameron" that her mother had been in a car crash but her father was going to save her. They had already met as kids, which makes for an even more interesting storyline, that could be further explored in Season 2.

The cliffhanger

After bouncing out of the stitch, Kirsten and the team anxiously gather around Cameron's dead body while a specialised team tries to retrieve him. But it's not going too well. Kirsten begs Cameron to wake up, while the unmistakable sound of the flatline is to be heard. Will Cameron make it? Let's hope so. 

Kirstin learns the truth about her condition

Moving away from Camsten and to Kirsten's parents, we also find out a new big shocker - Kirsten's dad gave her "temporal dysplasia" ! Click here to find out what "temporal dysplasia" is! We all remember that Ed Clarke left Kirsten a bunch of clues, ending with a key. Well, that key led Kirsten to a safe-deposit box, which then led her to finding a video of her father, while the very first "test run" of the stitchers programme was done. Who was the subject? - Kirsten's mother. The stitcher? - a young Kirsten! Unfortunately, the attempt to bring Kirsten's mother back to life doesn't go so well, leaving Kirsten with temporal dysplasia, her mother dying and her father leaving her with Ed Clarke. 

While this is all very shocking news, a few questions still get answered. The Stitchers programme was designed especially for Kirsten (as a way of saving her mother)!

What I noticed

Linus's outburst on Camille was also very wondering. While it is understandable for him to feel a tad left out, his childish behaviour did show a new side of him. I'm #teamcamille on this one!

Also, I really noticed Kirsten's and Camille's development in their friendship (right before the shooting). It went from "forced to live together" to mutual respect and now, maybe even to a fairly "normal" friendship?

Lastly, Kirsten's overall evolvement, putting her "unable to have feelings" in the foreground, really caught my eye. She has changed so much throughout the season and the writers did a great job in showing that. 

Thoughts on "Stitchers" 1x10

Overall, I couldn't have hoped for a better finale. It showed some heartbreaking scenes, answered some long wondered questions and left me waiting for more. I really hope Season 2 will roll right around the corner! I'll definitely stay tuned to see more of Kirsten's journey in the Stitchers world. 

What did you think about the finale? Let me know in the questionnaire above!

Open Questions for Season 2

Will Fisher be okay? Did he find a clue to Ed Clarks death? 
Is Kirsten's and Cameron's past connection important? 
Who hired the shooter and killed him as a message to Kirsten? Could it be Kirsten's mother? Is she really dead? 
Where is Kirsten's father? 
Will Cameron survive?

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  1. is Cameron dead or alive cant wait for season­čśä

  2. is Cameron dead or alive cant wait for season­čśä

    1. I know right!? I'm so happy though that the Halloween special is coming up, it will still my thirst for season 2 for a while!


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