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5 new shows to watch Autumn 2015

Autumn - the season of TV show premieres. (That's right, the Pumpkin Spice Latte's can wait) September is the January in TV business. It's the peek of the iceberg, the time for channels and networks to experiment. It's also the time that is very crucial - in some ways, a TV show's future partly depends on the views it gets at this time. With this post I will be counting down my pick of 5 TV shows that will premiere this Autumn. Let the countdown begin!

1) Quantico (ABC Family)

"Quantico" follows the lives of a group of 50 people, all of them different and all of them have different backgrounds. They have one thing in common: they are recruits training at the FBI Quantico Base. The individuals have various reasons for joining, however, most of their decisions are linked to their pasts. All of them in a fierce competitive competition, the recruits uncover secrets and lies about each other. That was nine months ago. Flashing forward to when they are training graduates, one of them is suspected of orchestrating the biggest attack on New York since 9/11.

Being described as "Grey's Anatomy meets Homeland", it's surely one of the most anticipated shows this Autumn (and the one I'm looking forward to the most). Although I haven't seen the pilot, I disagree with the description - to me, it has striking similarities to another ABC Family drama: "How To Get Away With Murder". The flash backs/forwards have the same function, drawing the viewers into a twisted net of lies, spies and mystery. 

The drama is to be aired September 27th. Click here to watch the Trailer!

2) Blindspot (NBC)

A mind erased. A body of clues. "Blindspot" focuses on a unidentified and naked woman found in Times Square with a map of tattoos on her whole body. Her discovery leads to a vast net of future crimes, wanting to be solved and stopped. While Jane Doe's identity remains a mystery and the FBI follows the road of ink, they recognise her value - not just as a map to future crimes, but also as an asset to the team, as she proves to have (very) useful skills. 

Although the drama's pilot already aired September 21, "Blindspot" is an honourable mention. New episodes come out every MondayClick here to watch the trailer!

3) Minority Report (FOX)

Minority Report is a series based on the popular movie (named the same) that starred Tom Cruise. The show has a science fiction, crime and drama vibe and is the sequel to the 2002 film. For people intrigued by this show, I recommend watching the film beforehand (if you already haven't).

A decade after the end of Precrime, aka. the year 2056, Dash, one of the Precogs, attempts to lead a normal life, while still getting incomplete visions of future crimes. Haunted by the images of death, he attempts to stop the crime from happening, but always seems to come to late. Soon he pops up on Detective Vega's radar and the two try to prevent crimes, while concealing his identity, as many have set out to put the Precrime programme in motion again. 

Minority Report's pilot aired September 21st - catch new episodes every Monday. Click here to watch the trailer!

4) Lucifer (FOX)

As Satan (Tom Ellis) gets bored in hell, he retires and comes to LA to start a new life. In the course of events, Lucifer meets Chloe, a police officer. Convincing her to let him join her, the two become some sort of team. Of course, he has his charms: he has the ability to draw out people's deepest darkest thoughts. But something bothers the devil: his ability doesn't work on Chloe. Will the devils vacation in LA turn into a stay-cation? Prepare yourself to see the devil in all his glory. 

Even though Lucifer aires in 2016, I just couldn't exclude it from my list. The series based on the DC Comics is something to look forward to. Click here to watch the trailer!

5) Limitless (CBS)

Another film adapted into a TV series! The storyline takes place after the events shown in the film. Limitless follows Brian Finch, who is offered the powerful drug NZT-48. With this drug, his world changes, as he becomes one of the smartest people to have walked the earth when on this pill. He can remember everything he's ever seen, heard or read. With the NZT, Brian is also given another drug to stop the side affects. The FBI becomes very interested in discovering why he shows no side effects and offers to collaborate with him, by finding the NZT dealers. 

The very promising show first aired September 22nd. Catch new episodes every Tuesday on CBS. Click here to watch the trailer!

This concludes my list of 5 new TV shows to watch this Autumn. Let me know which series you are planning to watch!


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