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Grimm 5x07 "Eve Of Destruction" spoilers

Juliette is back! If only the situation were so simple... Today's post will break down Juliettes return, discuss spoilers and show you some new promotional pictures of the possible next step in Nick and Adalind's relationship.

Juliette - Eve

Grimmsters, if you were as shocked as I was about Juliette's return last episode, then I hope to clear some things up for all of you. After watching the last episode I freaked out, so naturally I did some research using my good friend, the Internet, and found out what and who this new Juliette is. 

The most important thing to remember is that Juliette is not Juliette anymore. Instead, we will be introduced to this new badass character called Eve. Although she has the same body, same voice and same memories, Eve has no emotional attachment to any of the other characters. She was brainwashed and is the super-hexenbiest-weapon of Hadrian's wall to fight Black Claw. It's safe to say she won't be the same animal-loving person we once knew. 

Of course Juliette's or should I say Eve's return will shake some emotions and confusion of Juliettes former friends loose. 
It has been confirmed that there will be a scene between Nick and Eve, where we will see just how little Eve can relate to Juliette. Eve knows what's happened and she certainly is aware of who Nick is, but in this big scene we will see just how different a person she is. To her, Juliette is once and for all, dead. 

Furthermore, we will get a full explanation of what happened the night Trubel shot Juliette and both disappeared mysteriously. It is safe to say that Bitsie Tulloch is still a regular on Grimm. She shared that when Eve is out on missions, she has to be careful not to run into any of Juliette's old acquaintances (at her work, for example) because they all think she's dead. She further went on to say that we will be introduced to a new location in episode 7 or 8. 

We will get to see Juliette out on her missions in all of the season 5 episodes, but not necessarily as a part of the gang, David Greenwalt (Grimm co-creator) has teased. I hope this cleared some things up for you - Juliette has been replaced by Eve, the new warrior for Hadrian's Wall. 

While researching I stumbled upon many posts by fans who were sharing their worries about the possibility that Nick might be able to undo the brainwashing and start a new life with Juliette. This worry, as you can probably guess, is mostly from Nadalind shippers or Grimmsters, who dislike Juliette. There has been no comment from any of the actors, producers or writers of Grimm, although I am pretty certain that they won't explore that avenue in the future, as Juliettes death was confirmed. 
What do you think? Could Juliette's brainwashing be reversed? What are your thoughts on a Nick and Juliette reunion?


If you are wondering about the threat on the new sizzling (possible) relationship between Nick and Adalind, Greenwalt shared that Nadalind's relationship "is going to have a life of it's own without the Juliette/Eve (aspect)", and one of the reasons is their son. 

However, James Kouf (Grimm co-creator) gave a slightly contradicting statement, saying that there will be "a lot of complicated things that are going on that will determine how that relationship works out". 

But don't loose hope my dear Nadalind shippers, just keep in mind that Trubel sensed something going on between Nick and Adalind last episode (5x06) and they had a "heart-to-heart". Adalind's answer to Trubel's question on wether Adalind was in love with Nick if you can recall was not a simple "no". 

And to give you even more hope, check out these new promotional pictures of Nick and Adalind! It seems like the creators are teasing a possible kiss? These pictures will accompany me on my long wait until the return of Gimm on Friday, January 29, on NBC. The countdown begins! 

To see all promotional photos, click here!


  1. I'm excited for Grimm to return! I love Nick and Adalind together. I'm okay with Juliette/Eve so long as the writers don't do the season 2 "Will Juliet remember her feelings for Nick" plot again. Been there, done that.

    1. I totally agree! Juliette and Nick were a sweet couple, but I feel like too much has happened between them - Nick is not the same person he once was and neither is Juliette. She is EVE now! Eve as in a fresh start. Both deserve one. Nick has a family now; with Adalind. He should take that chance and start being happy again.


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