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Couples Counseling: Jasper and Eleanor / THE ROYALS

Welcome to the third edition of Couples Counseling! Today's session will be with one of the most complicated couples out there (and all couples I give advice to tend to be a giant maze filled with seemingly unsolvable riddles and puzzles just waiting to be cracked) - Jasper and Eleanor from The Royals! Now I know what some of you are thinking. Who are they? Well, they're a party princess and a shady bodyguard full of sexual and emotional tension. And I'm here today to give the two some game changing advice. But first, let's break down some simple facts about their relationship.

Jasper is Eleanor's bodyguard and he started off innocent enough, but pretty soon we got to see his true colours. (not that they are negative in any way) He blackmailed the princess in order to keep his job and pulled a lot of "benefits" from doing so. It was clear from the very start that there was some sort of attraction between them, the tension growing even bigger as their relationship "blossomed" / developed. In Season 1, their relationship was based on the blackmail and to the end we got to see some real feelings, but in Season 2, shit just started getting real. Now, there is no doubt that they love each other. But why aren't they not together then?

After the Season 2 finale, their fait as a couple is unknown. For all we know, Eleanor might have taken her wish, that Jasper leaves and never comes back, back and forgiven him. The look that she gave him in the last few seconds in the finale was enough to make any fan of theirs jump around like a maniac. But for now, let's label their relationship as officially "complicated". Here's why:

1.) Jasper slept with the Queen. As cruel as that sounds, he didn't really have a choice when you think about it. The risks were too high. But still, anyone else than HER MOTHER please. 

2.) He came to the palace from Vegas to rob the royal family. He lied about his past and his motives. We all know Eleanor has trust issues. 

3.) She has drug and alcohol problems. Like seriously Eleanor, get help. It would be tragic if the princess went down as an overdose victim. She's kind of a tough person to handle - but then again, Jasper was her bodyguard for six months (record!) and was able to keep her in line... most of the time anyway. 

4.) What would the people think? This is a tricky question because in The Royals, there are two kinds of people: The mighty and the "commoners". What will that do to her image? Will she still be known as the never ending party girl/royal beaver or will people start to get a glimpse of the side of Eleanor we all have gotten to know and love about her? I'll leave it to you to answer that one. Could Jasper keep up with Eleanor's life as her publicly known boyfriend? 

5.) Eleanor's recent break up with none other than Jaspers ex-girlfriend, Samantha. The fact that Samantha too came for the jewels and left when the robbery didn't go as planned will only add to Eleanor's instability. She might not be emotionally ready to pursue another relationship (even though she technically already had one with Jasper)

6.) The scandal. Is there even time for romance right now, now that King Simon's killer has finally been revealed? What will happen next?

7.) The betrayal. So much has happened. So much will happen. If The Royals has taught me one thing, it's that their lives will never get boring. Wherever the royals go, drama tags along. 

My final advice as Jaspenor's couples councellor for the day: Eleanor needs time to heal. As much as I love you Jasper, give her space. She needs to process all opt the recent events. You can stay in the shadows and be there for her (I know you'll always have her back) but you two need to establish that foundation of trust again - and that takes time.

As always I would like to hear your thoughts on the matter. Can it work between them or has too much gone down? Is Jasper Eleanors' prince charming? Will a relationship between them be toxic? Can their passion lead to failure? 
Tell me what you think in the comment section below or on Twitter.

And so, this session comes to an end. If you have any specific wishes for the next couple, let me know! Check out my previous Couples Counseling posts and make sure to tell me your opinion!

I have decided to feature a fan video for every couple I write about, so here's my pick for Jaspenor:

Credit goes to melprodz on Youtube!