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OUTLANDER SEASON 2: Spoilers, news and trailer

I know all of us fans of the STARZ series Outlander are desperately counting down the days to the Season 2 premiere on Saturday, April 9th. To calm my thirst, I did some research about what we can expect in the second season of drama, romance, adventure and war. 

If you haven't seen the trailer, I recommend you watch it right now (below), so that you'll be in a "OMG" haze while reading the rest of this post. Trust me, the experience will be greater!

Season 2 filming started last summer and since then the first season of Outlander and the cast have been nominated for several awards, including "Best Television Drama Series" at the Golden Globes. 

The second installment will contain 13 episodes and is based on the second book "Dragonfly in Amber" in the book series. 

New cast member alert!

It was recently announced that Sophie Skelton would join the Outlander cast as Brianna, Jamie and Claire's daughter. 

Richard Rankin, also a new cast member, will play the role of Roger Wakefield

Spoilers & Pomotional Photos

  • Sam Heughan confirmed at the Television Critics Association winter press tour in Pasadena that Jamie is "still definitely affected by the trauma" caused by last seasons' events, where he gets raped by Black Jack Randall. Sam then went on to mention that "It's not the primary focus on the show" and that "Time is a great healer and ultimately (Jamie) puts his whole body and soul into this mission about changing history." He also previewed that "there is a great relegation that cures him, or brings him out of himself" and that "it certainly brings back the old Jamie". In Season 2, Claire and Jamie embark on the mission to find Bonnie Prince Charles and to stop the Jacobite rebellion from happening. This mission will also reveal a new side of Jamie, as Heughan confirmed by saying that "He is playing someone else. He's being quite deceptive... and he does it very well."

  • Claire's pregnancy will definitely face some bumps on the way and will affect Claire's ability to help stop the Jacobite uprising. 

  • Claire will reunite with her husband Frank in the 1940's. Caitriona Balfe shared that "there is that reverse thing where every time she looks at Frank, she can't help but see Black Jack." and that "There's many layers of why that relationship is difficult when she goes back. She's definitely not the same woman that left.". In the trailer, you clearly see Claire's struggle to look Frank in the eyes. 

  • Jamie and Claire will try to integrate themselves into the elite french society. 

  • Claire and Jamie will have to adjust to becoming parents in the new atmosphere. Caitriona Balfe said that the pregnancy will "change everything". As most of you will probably recall, Claire thought she was unable to become pregnant. She had already accepted that and this twist will bring up some memories from her past, specifically her childhood. Due to her parents dying when she was younger, she was raised by her uncle, who travelled the world as a archeologist. Sam Heughan has also mentioned in interviews that Jamie may think that he will be a loving father, but when faced with reality, he realises that "it's going to be a whole new ballgame."

  • The visuals will be very different from season 1, as we are brought into the world of french culture. Big dresses in bright colours, parties, the elite society and a lot of new and interesting characters Claire and Jamie will meet await us. 

  • Could there be some tension in Claire and Jamies marriage? Take a look at these promotional pictures: 

So, Outlander fans, that is all I could find out about the second season... for now. Stay tuned for more spoilers and news! 

Feel free to share your thoughts and excitement in the comment section below or on Twitter! Do you have any new spoilers you would like to share with other fans?

Outlander Season 2 returns Saturday, April 9th, on STARZ.