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Couples Counseling: Archie, Betty & Veronica / RIVERDALE

Another year, another show, another Valentine's Day just around the corner! Which means, love is in the air (feel free to sing the song to get into the spirit). And what content on this blog can you, dear friend of the Internet, expect at such a time? That's right, we're back for round 2 of my Valentine's Day series Couples Counseling, where I write about your favourite definitely complicated couples on TV. What better way to introduce a new show everyone is raving about on my blog, than feature the already apparent love triangle on the CW series Riverdale. 

For those of you who are new to this blog, but enjoy this kind of posts, I'll leave the links to last year's Couples Counseling sessions below. But right now, let's get this session started. As always, I'll be playing counselor, but you can add any personal opinions, tips or feedback in the comments below. If you don't have a Valentine, then what better way to spend your time by giving advice to some pretty complex romances?

As Riverdale is a new show and I will not be joined in this session by two, but three individuals, here's a little overview of what these characters are like: 

  • Archie Andrews
Archie is a good kid, generally always trying to do the right thing. But like every teenager, he has his problems. One of them being that although he has a possible chance of pursuing football as a career, his dream has always been music. His dad is not the most understanding of this, although it looks like he's starting to accept and support his son should he choose to try to get his foot into the music industry. Archies summer was pretty eventful, as we learn he had a secret summer fling with his school's music teacher, Ms. Grundy. Overall, he's pretty much portrayed as a perfect dude (except for the fact that he slept with his teacher, but even in that he is shown as not necessarily a victim, but the "innocent one" in the affair) and well, everyone appreciates a good looking hunk. 

  • Betty Cooper
Betty is, as many would put it, the girl next door. She quickly feels insecure about herself and generally strives to be a "good girl". She is in love with her best friend, Archie, but doesn't get the reaction she was hoping for when she finally tells him this. In the first two episodes, Betty is as vulnerable and innocent as a girl next door can be. But in the last episode, we got to see a pretty different side to her. Could it be that the pressure from her own mother and the tragedy between Jason and Betty's older sister, Polly, is finally getting to her? We definitely got a glimpse of something dark inside of her, something she's been keeping inside for a long time. 

  • Veronica Lodge
Former It-girl Veronica, moved from NYC to Riverdale after her family was humiliated in a financial scandal due to her father. Realizing her personality is something she needs to work on, she tries to distance herself from her mean girl self. She seeks out to have Betty as a friend, mainly because she sees the good and pure in her and wants to learn something from her. By being around Betty, she hopes to become a better person. Veronica immediately shows an interest in Archie, but tones it down once she realizes that Betty has feeling for him. She does let her Feelings get the better of her once, in a very steamy closet scene between her and Archie.

Now that you have a brief overview of the characters, let's get into analyzing this triangle further.  

1. Archie - Betty

Archie and Betty have been friends forever. But with rushing hormones, Betty realizes she wants more than just a friendship with Archie. At the school dance she finally musters up enough courage to confess her love for him. Clueless Archie is taken back by this, but tries to let her down easy. Betty is, as can be Imagines, hurt and very upset. 

I myself find it very hard to see Betty and Archie as a couple in the near future because we already got a pretty clear answer from Archie on this one: He's just not interested in her like that. I think that the dynamics in their friendship will shift over time, they already have started to. Archie is keeping a major secret, Ms. Grundy, from his best friend, who he supposedly Trusts with anything and Betty is kind of a mystery these days. She's definitely been pushed over the edge and is starting to stand up for herself. How far she's planning to take this is another thing. She was quite scary in the last episode.... Need a little reminder?

2. Archie - Veronica

Archie and Veronica are a pair I want to see explored more in the future. We haven't had a lot of one-to-one scenes between them since the closet scene and him walking her home. I do believe, even claim to know however, that Archie has an interest in Veronica. Remember the first encounter between Veronica, Betty and Archie? Archie was clearly transfixed and taken by her. 

The hold up between them is that they are both Betty's friends and are rightfully hesitating because of what it would do to Betty. They also talk about Betty one day when they walk home and you can see that they both truly value Betty's friendship - it's a tough situation to be in. Nevertheless, the spark is there and it could be seen in the latest episode where Veronica announces she has a date. Archie didn't comment on it, but we did get to see his reaction and it was well... not the happiest. 

I also think that should the show ever explore a relationship between them, which I'm positive they will at some point, it will be interesting to see their parent's reactions. Veronica's mother looks like she's all for Veronica and Archie, but something tells me Archies father will have a different reaction. I fear that he might not be as accepting towards them due to his own romantic past with Veronica's mother. 

I do however believe that there is more to come in this love triangle, just maybe not in a way that has been seen too often before. Riverdale's creators see the show as very progressive, maybe even a little too much because at the end of the day, Riverdale is a Teen drama. There's character diversity, yes, but it doesn't necessarily have anything new or meaningful to offer. It shows every character losing a little of their innocence. My theory is that they will focus on the female friendship between Betty and Veronica to show that there doesn't always have to be female rivalry involved. I like that two girls wouldn't let a boy come between them, but he kind of already has and the result is one that can already be felt and predicted. In the promo for the fourth episode, we get to see that Ms. Grundy isn't who she says she is. Jughead is already aware of Archie's relationship with his teacher, but it becomes apparent that he is willing to go far, even so far to expose the forbidden relationship, for his cause as a writer and journalist. Should Betty find out, it's difficult to predict her reaction, especially now that we have gotten to know Betty on a darker level. 

In conclusion, my advice for Archie, Betty and Veronica is: 

Archie - stop seeing Ms. Grundy. I know you're hung up on her, but I don't like the Pretty Little Liars (Ezria) turn this thing between you two is taking. Focus on yourself for once. You are trying to juggle Football and music plus working for your dad. It's a lot and I advise you to just stop seeing girls (or women) for a while. Maybe try to mend your friendship with Jughead instead of risking everything for a sketchy teacher. You also have great friends, try giving a little more effort and do something nice for Betty. Also, don't let your past relationships define you. Try talking to Veronica, even though it might be awkward for the both of you. If you're going to be friends with Betty, try to "get along" with her other friends too. You're on a good path, just stop jeopardizing your entire future just for a summer fling. Because deep down, you know it's wrong. 

Betty - you need to get your shit together. All that pent up anger is getting to you and you're releasing it in heavy blows. Last episode, you went to far and now you're denying it? I think you need to take a step back and think about your choices. All of this can't be easy for you and I know you feel like people take you for granted. I think the school newspaper is going to do you some good because you'll have a distraction and a cause. Try to move on from Archie - now that you know that he's just not interested, don't waste your time on mourning what could have been. And when the time comes, maybe explore other possible romantic interests. Jughead is completely different from you, but something's telling me that there could be more between you two in the future. 

Veronica - honestly, just calm down, girl. Being the new girl is hard, I get that. But maybe swear off boys for a little while. Concentrate on being the best version of yourself. Invest into your friendship with Betty. I think you were scared of Betty in the pool house because you saw a little of your old self in her, but try to approach the subject appropriately. Talk it out with her and just be supportive, the last thing Betty needs is the feeling that she's being attacked.

"To someone on the outside,peering in, it would've looked like there were four people in that booth.But I was there and I can tell you,really there were only three. A blonde girl, a raven-haired girl, and the luckiest red headed boy in the universe. For one shining moment we were just kids.Those bright neon lights of Pop's keeping the darkness at bay,giving away,as all nights must, to a morning of reckonings.'' - Jughead

And this is the end of the very first Couples Counseling session of this year! What do you think? What advice would you give the three of them? Who do you ship? Let me know in the survey here on this blog!

Archie and Ms. Grundy:

Archie and Betty:

Archie and Veronica:

Or maybe even Betty and Veronica, who knows?

Couples Counseling sessions 2016:


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