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#SaveLucifer - The Social Media Movement

Lucifer fans suffered a tremendous shock for the last few days as it was revealed that it was the fourth show this week on Fox's cancellation list. Now cast members and Luci-fans from all over the world are coming together on social media to try and revoke the cancellation - especially after that cliffhanger season 3 finale. 

It seems to be working - the hash tags #SaveLucifer and #PickUpLucifer are popping up on everyone's timeline, making it difficult to ignore. Warner Bros. and Bruckheimer Films are working on a possible season 4 renewal, as confirmed by Tom Ellis on Twitter yesterday. 

Fox is known for its cancellations that leave fans shocked and disappointed. New shows on Fox are never truly safe, no matter the fan base, as proven with the cancellation of Forever, which only lasted one season. Fans were vocal about the show getting axed, even starting an online petition in the hopes of another Network picking it up. Now, after the cancelled Brooklyn Nine-Nine got picked up for another season by NBC, Lucifer fans and cast/crew members alike are hopeful that a solution will be able to be found. Taking to social media, Lucifer show-runner Joe Henderson urged fans to voice their disappointment on social media in a series of tweets: 

"So... yeah. has been cancelled. And it fucking HURTS. I loved this show so damn much and everyone put their heart and soul into it. Heartbreaking doesn't begin to describe.

For people asking what to do... MAKE NOISE. I have no idea if we have a shot of coming back, but I know sure as anything that everyone wants to. We have so many more stories to tell.

We created a season finale with a huge cliffhanger so that there was no way Fox could cancel us. Instead, we're going to frustrate the hell out of you fans. I'm so sorry for that."

A petition has also been started on, click here to sign it.

So there you have it, Luci-fans. Take a few seconds to tweet out the hashtags #SaveLucifer and #PickUpLucifer, sign the petition and maybe we will be able to make a difference. 

Stay tuned for more news on the Lucifer social media movement. A detailed rundown of the season 3 finale will be coming soon.