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Recap: Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Finale

The Season 5 finale of Pretty Little Liars was meant to give us answers! We got a few, but as usual the answers only bring up more questions. Never the less, it feels like we’re getting closer to finding out who A is. 

Season 5, episode 25 (“Welcome to the doll house”) had its moments.
Firstly, Mona is alive and well (for the most part).
Secondly, the Big A reveal did happen, but Marlene King made sure it was twisted. We now know that A is to 99% a guy and probably related to the DiLaurentis Family. Jason’s twin perhaps? Marlene did say that one character would have a twin. But this raises even more questions. One name – CHARLES. Who is Charles? Could he be hiding out in the open under an alias? Maybe Andrew? For those of you who watched the finale, we know that Andrew is up to no good. The question is – could he be A? Personally I find that Andrew being A is too easy. The writers always set new suspects out there. Still, Andrew could be on the A-Team.
And last, but not least, the Hastings know about A and are all badass about it by joining forces with the Boyfriend gang consisting of Caleb, Toby and Ezra. Tanner also kind of knows about A, as they found A’s lair. Maybe Tanner will finally stop suspecting the  liars.
Although I like the fact that Pretty Little Liars has grown enormously, by going from a Teenager-thriller into something a bit more dark and twisted, almost having a little psycho-feeling to it, I think they still could pull it off better. The doll house was the centre and honestly the best thing about the finale but everything around it could get a little dull at some point.
Reflecting on Season 5, I give it 3/5 stars. The finale episode was a solid 4 stars. Season 6 is sure to be filled with exciting twists and turns along the way and I can’t wait for the premiere, even though Season 5 has just ended! Don’t forget liars, the identity of Big A will be revealed in Season 6 so stay tuned for more updates!