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As a former Vampire Diaries fan, I can tell you that I am really disappointed. The Vampire Diaries used to be filled with twists and excitement, but nowadays it's just purely become about the couples. I'm not saying I didn't ship Delena or Stelena, both pairs were/are unique. But now, the writers are giving most of the fans exactly what they want, which can make a show boring, as fans need to have something to talk about. 

Where did the writers go wrong? Honestly, it took a while to figure that one out. I mean obviously, as stated beforehand, the couples have become the centre of the show, leaving the storyline to tag along in the background. It's a shame because from season 1-3 the story was pretty good. I mean there was the classic unoriginal love triangle, but who doesn't like some old fashioned? Sure, you could argue that it was cliché and all that, but every show has a bit of mainstream in it. How else would they get people to watch? 

Still, something just didn't work for me after season 3. It was like the writers had drowned in the success, trying everything to keep it. But by doing that, the show kind of started to drown with them. This is not an attack on the show, the writers or the fans, I just find that The Vampire Diaries has lost it's direction. Did anyone really know where they were heading and where they are heading now?

Season 4 was everywhere. Elena was struggling with her vampire state, Jeremy became a hunter,  Delena became official, Klaus was betrayed by his hybrid army and everyone was looking for "The Cure", which only had one dose. Too many story lines, too much to process, too many directions. 
Season 5 was equally as scattered, with Silas being back and unleashing hell on earth, Stefan trapped under water, Kathrine being back as a human and Delena starting to become serious but then being torn apart as Elena's body is snatched and Damon reverting to his old ways. And who could forget the travellers, the "new witches" trying to take over the world?

All in all, I must say that The Vampire Diaries still has a chance of becoming okay again, although it is arguably a very typical teenager show filled with romances, drama, drama and oh, did I mention, DRAMA. The Vampire Diaries, or rather the writers have lost their spark. Now, in season 6, college was supposed to be a new start for all of them, but instead they are skipping class. It's almost like they are searching for trouble. I can say, that I have no intention of watching The Vampire Diaries anymore, but for people, who still want to give it a shot, start to look at the story. I know, everyone hypes the couples, but that's not all what the show is about. It's not all what the writers have to offer.